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"When I first met Nic and Rachael, his wife, they were leading worship. I was so touched by the words of the songs they had written that I went home to tell my wife, DeAnne, about them and the power of the songs.

Nic and Rachael attended Global Awakening’s school, The Global School of Supernatural Ministry, for two years. There was and is something special and unique about them. After graduating, they moved their family by faith to Brazil, where they now work among the prostitutes, transvestites, children, and teenagers who have been thrown out onto the streets. The power of their songs is reflected in the compassion of their lives. My wife has played their albums for about four years in our home, almost nonstop. I love it when fact is harder to believe than fiction. I love it when the story comes from life and is capable of breathing life into others. Nic Billman is one of my heroes of the faith. His whole family is an amazing example of faith, hope, and love—from his little daughter dancing on stage while Nic and Rachael lead worship to their complete comfort with prostitutes and transvestites. I know this family, I know their story, and I know their lives. Their’s is a story that arises out of lives completely surrendered to God. Their’s is a story where fact is harder to believe than fiction."
Randy Clark,
President and Founder of Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening.

"When I first met the Billmans, I knew I was standing face-to-face with a company of God’s Love Champions. They understand His heart. Not only have they embraced His heart, but they communicate His love with such authenticity as a family that is willing to lay down everything and serve the broken. They are willing to give their lives to revealing God’s amazing and redeeming love to some of the most devastated in society."
Patricia King

"Nic uses stories from both the Bible and the streets of Brazil, to help see that compassion is part of the character of God and, therefore, should be part of the people of God’s character as well. His definition: “compassion is love in action” becomes a challenge to every Christian everywhere. He has both the heart of a pastor and the mind of a practical theologian—a mix so greatly needed today in Brazil and around the world."
Bishop João Carlos Lopes
Presiding Bishop, United Methodist Church of Brazil

"Like many others, I fell in love with Nic before meeting him because he was singing my heart. It has been an honor to get to know Nic and his family. His passion for the Lord combined with his compassion for the least of these are so real and are revealed."
Mike Vant Hul
Co-founder and Co-director, Loaves and Fishes International