Each week, my buddies Carlos, Ned, and I help coach and play soccer with the boy’s from the local communities. Every Saturday we play mini games of 4 v 4 at the base and on Tuesdays we train the boy’s at a local soccer field. Their ages range from 14-18 and our goal is simply to love and bring the best out of each one of them both on and off the soccer field. On Saturdays when we are done playing we have a time where we share a word with them in a practical way where they can hopefully begin to implement it into their own lives.

    When I first arrived in Recife we were lucky to have the boy’s full attention for ten minutes, but now it seems that the Lord is really beginning to stir and open the boy’s hearts for more of Him. The other day Ned had all of the boy’s close their eyes while he played a song of worship and in my time here this was the first time where they all actually quieted themselves before the Lord without restlessness. Halfway through the song I opened my eyes to survey the landscape and could sense that the Lord was doing something special. After the song had ended Ned asked the boy’s if they felt that they had heard the Lord speak anything to them or if they felt anything. Immediately, more hands than not shot up and silly laughter began to ensue as some of the boy’s began to share about how they felt this tingling sensation come over them and how it filled their hearts with peace. This is how they explained it and we knew that it was the Holy Spirit filling them with the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7) and we were all so excited for what The Lord was doing. The following week we were able to get all of the boy’s who didn’t have a Bible their own and they stayed for almost an hour afterward just talking about and asking questions. While we have begun to see breakthrough in the hearts of the boy’s we know that this is only the beginning and are excited to see what all The Lord has in store for our time with them.

    Written by Robert Floyd, missionary in Shores of Grace.