We are so excited to announce that we will inaugurate the new Bethany Villa house on February 23rd! Our old house was home to ten girls and a staff of five but because of the great need in the Northeast of Brazil this new house will be home to 20 girls and a staff of 16. The first Bethany home was full of testimonies of healing and transformation and that will continue in the new house but we have learned that we need to work in excellence in the area of psychology and therapy. Because of that we will have a full-time technical staff including three psychologists, a social worker and an educational psychologist in addition to the caretakers and kitchen staff. This is far above the government’s minimum requirements for technical staff. We will also have an innovative small group discipleship program where every 4 girls will have one counselor discipling them, walking them through inner-healing and just being a “big sister” to the girls. The day that this house opens it will be a reference of excellence and care in our state. Our hope is that Bethany will become a model in transformation and restoration in the nation of Brazil.

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    How Can You Help?

    We are launching a campaign through which you can contribute anywhere from $10 to $1,000 that will go directly to purchase the needed items for the girls and the house, anything from clothing to books to beds to washing machines! The house is ready and on February 23rd we will open! Now we just need your help to make this house a home for these precious girls! 




    A laundry machine, freezer or other large appliance





    Bunk bed, desktop computer, couch, table and chairs or other large furniture





    Library shelves, yard toys and toy boxes





    Girls bedding set  (we need 40 of them so there will be 2 sets for each girl)





    Clothing, toiletries, shoes and other personal items






    Books, toys, dolls, games, pots and pans






    Plates, cups, bowls, silverware, towels and cleaning supplies