Shores of Grace is a worship and missionary ministry currently headquartered in Recife, Brazil, led by Nic and Rachael Billman. Our focus is setting those in prostitution and abuse free and walking them through restoration; taking the love of the Father to the poor and the broken and helping them see their true value, and equipping and serving the church in Brazil. The goal of our staff is to reveal Father God in all that we do. Whether we’re leading worship in a church, walking the streets of Brazil or shopping at the local grocery store, we want to reveal the Father. This is the calling that God has placed on our lives and we believe it’s a calling for the whole church, for all of the sons and daughters of the living God. To live a life of compassion and power where miracles and healing follow us everywhere we go, just as they did with Jesus.

    “ This is our desire as a son and daughter, that we would be so consumed in our identity in The Father, that when you see us, you see Him. Our desire is to reveal the Father wherever we are, just like Jesus did. Whether it’s praying for the sick, leading worship, preaching, shopping at the grocery store or on the streets of Brazil, we want to reveal the father. We want to be a friend to the friendless, help to the helpless, a mother to the orphan and a father to the fatherless, just like our Papa!  We want to be love.”

    -Nic and Rachael Billman