Headquarted in Jabotão do Guararapes located right next to our beloved Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco in the country of Brazil, is the Shores of Grace missions base. The base is home to many of our staff members, it also serves as our administrative office and as the center for our schools and trainings. It is equipped with living quarters for both men and women who come to serve in our ministry for short-term or long-term visits. The base also includes a 24/7 intercession and worship room.


    Every Monday night we host a worship service in the outdoor pavilion where along with visitors, and friends from the local community we give extravagant praise to the Father. The base also hosts weekly fun and discipleship for the children of the local community as well as practical courses for local women.

    The base is located only a few blocks away from the beach and within walking distance to grocery stores, and to our favorite açaí restaurant.If you would like to come and visit, please contact us!