On the 23rd of February we had our long awaited Bethany Villa Inauguration. It was a day to celebrate our work as a community in preparing the home to receive children, and to thank God for all that He’s done up until this point. We introduced the house Staff that will be working daily at Bethany Villa and received numerous words of encouragement from professionals in the system.  Also during the opening, partners and friends were able to tour the house, and Directors Nic and Rachael Billman sang over the crowd about God’s faithfulness.

    We know that the fulfillment of this dream depends firstly on our Father. All the work done over the past year was completed with excellence and much needed dedication! Throughout this process we had the help of friends, partners and many other hands!

    We are grateful for everyone involved in the renewing, repairing and preparing of Bethany Villa for this awaited moment: Cristiane Santos, who donated desserts for the cocktail night; Celebrate who donated event ushers; TB Promoções e Eventos that arranged our beautiful lighting; Kika Guimarães, a talented architect who donated plans for rebuilding the home; Anelise Renda, Silvia Renda, Margarida Renda and Nair Barbosa who did our interior decorating,  Élida da Silva from Antonietta Confecção that embroidered the beddings; Romildo Silva from Ferro ou Vidro; and last but not least, Arnaldo and Cynthia Chacon, from Campo Fértil, who donated flower arrangements. All of our gratitude goes out to our volunteers and staff that worked so hard to make this house a home.

    Thanks also to our friends and collaborators around the world:  New Covenant World OutreachHarvest ChristianNew Life Fellowship, Forest Grove, Praise Community ChurchNew Life CityDayspringBridgeway, Jonathan and Karen Welton, Harry and Anne Peat, South Plains, Implement, Global Awakening, all of our Shores of Grace Partners, and everyone who gave through our Bethany Villa Campaign.




    Since we began dreaming about Bethany Villa, we have invited our friends, partners and supporters to help us to build every detail of it.  When the new house opens, we will be taking an important new step and sheltering baby girls, as well as children and teens. We currently have beds to receive six infants. These babies will be cared for daily by well-equipped professionals, with all the love and kindness that they deserve.

    In the beginning of February, we were blessed with a huge donation from Kuka, a brand that produces high quality baby products. They gave hundreds of baby bottles, pacifiers, baby plates, baby spoons and even fancier things like bathtub thermometers and changing mats! We are so grateful for all the help and for everyone who believes in the lives of these children.  Partnering with others that believe in this dream enables us to reach for only the best in all that we do.  So thank you all very much again!

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