Our Last “Holiday Building” outreach, we was doing a worship at on hall at of build as always Sundays afternoon. So, a driver parked the car and watched when we was worshiping, so he called a few girls of our team to question what we was doing there. Then our girls explained who we are and about our work at “Holiday”. SO THERE ARE THE DIVINE APPOINTMENT. Few weeks before, the driver and his sister were looking for a preacher from Recife on youtube and found Nic’s preachs. She watched, Searched about our ministry and knew Shores has Monday night “service”, but they are never able to go to our base. So, that Sunday the driver, actually he is UBER, came to that build to pick up someone, so during the time he needs wait for the Uber’s client, he decided to join us. During the worship he was so touch by God and his presence, he forgot to looking for his client, when we finished, the driver talked to us and had the reconciliation to the father, because almost two year he and his family gave step away from the church. AND….. THE acctually the client never show up, because the client never existed. SO…. DIVINE APPOINTMENT.