A few months ago we released a short video that captured the dreams of some of the children living here in Brazil. Many of the girls in the video shared that their dream was to be a ballerina.  Back in the United States, a woman named Colleen Klein saw the broadcast and was moved to respond. Colleen was a professional ballerina for many years. She booked a flight to Brazil and spent the past week with us teaching several dance classes. God sent one of the best right here to Recife to answer the hearts cry of his girls!  Around 12 children from the community came to participate.  Colleen taught some technical skills and choreographed a dance that the girls are continuing to practice on their own to perform for Monday night church.


    It was so special to watch as Colleen taught about dance as a vehicle for worship. Every Saturday the boys get together at the base and play football, but we had been lacking a dance teacher for the girls. Seeds were planted as we began dreaming about starting ongoing dance classes and the girls had a joy filled time practicing something they already love with a talented instructor.