– The school fee includes flight prices?

    R/ No fee for the school includes the flight prices.

    – Can I go with my family?

    R/ Yes you can, but not with children younger than 12 years old, and they will need to pay the full price for the school.

    – Can I sleep in my house or a hotel and participate in the school activities?

    R/ If you live close to Recife or you’re looking to stay in a close Hotel during the school, and if you have your own way of transportation to being part of ALL our activities, you can pay the price for locals that you will find in the information about payments methods. Although we encourage you to live in community with the rest of the students in our bases!

    – If I make a payment for the school and I cannot go to the school, do I receive my money back?

    R/ You will not receive the total amount of the fee you pay. But you will receive half of the price you pay.

    – Should I bring with me extra money during the school?

    R/ You don’t have to bring extra money because all the basic necessities you would need are included in the school fee (transportation, food and housing). But we recommend you to bring extra money in case you want to do something else. Restaurants, groceries and shopping is always a good option when you are in Recife.

    – If I have to leave the school after the start, would I receive my money back?

    R/ From the night you sleep in the base we can’t give anything back.

    – Dates to buy my flight to Recife?

    R/ Plan on arriving on  January 8th or 9th. Plan your departure for between the dates of January 31st and February 1st.

    – It’s going to be someone in the Recife airport waiting for me?

    R/ Yes, one of our staff members is going to pick you up in the airport as well dropping you up at the end of the school, they will bring a Shores of Grace sign.

    – Do I need to be part of a church to go to the Furnace?

    R/ We really want to honor God’s church, because of that, we considered important you to have a local church and pastor or mentors that support your live.

    – The price for couples is just for married people?

    R/ This price for couples apply for three types of couples: 1. Married people, 2. Siblings and 3. Parent and child. The price does not apply for friends.