Luke and Alisan are currently serving as leaders of the Community Ministries in Brazil. Their dreams are for the children and families living in favelas (slums) to understand and be able to demonstrate the Father’s love within their families and communities. Luke and Alisan believe that through the love of God, the unity in the body of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are able to equip and educate them, so that families can overcome the cycle of poverty that has enslaved them for generations. In their time of working with these precious people, Luke and Alisan have already seen God transform lives and give hope and dreams to those who once had none.

    Our Story

    Luke and Alisan met when they were 12 in a United Methodist Church Camp. They had no idea the big plans God had in store for them! Many years later in 2005, they were reunited. They knew at that point that God had planned for them to be together. They were soon married and became parents to three beautiful children.

    While living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Luke worked in construction, and Alisan worked in the mental health field. All was going well until suddenly God interrupted their lives and called them to love and serve children in the slums of Brazil. Although they had no idea what that would look like, they knew they were called to be like a mother and a father to many.


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