by Tero Tukianen, staff member at Shores of Grace

    About two weeks ago, while we were worshiping and praying before going out treasure hunting, we received a very clear picture of a young woman. She was wearing an orange shirt, denim shorts and white sandals. She had some financial issues, and she had back pain. She was supposed to be close to the Sao Braz coffeehouse, McDonald’s and a toy store. At the corner of all those places (locations on our treasure map) we saw this woman walking away from us. We ran after her and found her at one of the department stores. Politely we asked if she had some time and explained what we were doing. Her clothing (appearance on our treasure map) was exactly what we had seen. She had back pain and she had some financial issues (prayer requests on our treasure map). Her dad also had many problems. Her name was not on our treasure map but it was awesome how many of our clues matched this young woman. When we started to pray for her, almost immediately she started to cry. She felt something happen in her back and she felt much better. Her back got completely healed. We also got to pray for her dad who was very sick with chiconqunia (a mosquito-born disease). Her whole appearance changed and she looked like a new woman. We got to tell her about our Monday night worship and we invited her to come. It was awesome. We were all super encouraged about everything our Father can do.

    God has been speaking to us about reaching out to those who need Him. He has been preparing people to receive His love when we go out to love on people around us. Every time we have gone out, it has felt like He has powerfully prepared people to receive His love. We have had very powerful divine encounters. God has been preparing us for these encounters. He has been talking to us about His love for us and us just needing to receive His love. Only after we have been filled with His love, we can start to love on people around us. He has strengthened our faith when we have stepped out of our comfort zone. We have been faithful and He has shown us that there is so much more. We just needed to jump to the unknown and He has always taken care of the rest. People are very hungry and we get to be vessels in His use. We get to bring the Good News, and many people have received us without any fears. There have been so many times when we did not feel like going. But when we went, it was better than ever. This has happened time and time again. This is what happened about a week ago…

    When we were worshiping before going out, we received the word “Greece”. We felt that God wanted to highlight a special location for us. We received other words for location too, and we chose to go to Shopping Guararapes. When we arrived, we realized that they had an exposition on Greece. They had even brought a huge replica of the Trojan horse. After some searching we found the exposition. At the counter there were two young women who both had long black hair (appearance on our treasure map). Since already two clues (location “Greece” and appearance “long black hair”) were on our treasure map, we were very encouraged to go to talk to them. We explained what we were doing and started to ask more questions. We divided our small group into two and we started to talk to both women at the same time. In my group we found out that “our” young woman had had nightmares (prayer request on our treasure map) for some time. Earlier that day she had written in her notebook a small prayer about her need that God would help her that specific day. We started to pray for her, and immediately she started to cry. The Holy Spirit touched her powerfully. She said that she felt very good. When God gave us a word for her from the Bible, she started to cry again. It was an amazing divine encounter. God had led us supernaturally to these young women and the Holy Spirit touched both of them powerfully. Both of them were crying, and God started to speak prophetically to their hearts. Before we left we got to invite them to our Monday night worship. It was awesome!

    People are very open to prayer in Brazil. Almost everyone wants us to pray for them. The Holy Spirit has touched many people powerfully. Many people have been healed. Many people have received new hope. God has spoken about a new season for many. God has shown us things to prophesy over many people. There has been lots of crying and there has been lots of hugging. It’s amazing. Our Father is amazing! We have received so many accurate words, and many people have been totally amazed when we have shown them our treasure map. There has been no doubt that the Father has wanted to highlight them specifically. Every week we go out we have more and more expectancy that God is going to do something amazing that specific night.

    Earlier this week we went treasure hunting again. During our worship God showed us a picture of a man with a suit and a red tie (appearance). He showed us Sao Braz coffeehouse, toy store and a Havaianas shoe store. They were all locations in our treasure map. They were all next to the stage where we found our treasure. When we arrived he was having a magic show for kids, and they all loved it. We decided to walk around for a while and come back later. After having prayed for some other people, we came back to the stage. We found our treasure behind the stage talking to his wife. We explained what we were doing and told them where we were coming from. It was pretty amazing when this man told us that he knew about Nic Billman and the work he does. He said that he had been praying about the ways he could work together with Shores of Grace Ministries. The clues on our treasure map had led us supernaturally to this young couple. We got to prophesy over them, and they both had a hard time trying to stop the tears from coming. The Holy Spirit touched both of them powerfully. We prayed for them and spoke about a new season coming to their lives. We declared that they would be going to places where no one else can go. That was what God was showing us. We released more courage and boldness to both of them. It was a very special moment. They were both clearly happy, and our team was super excited about the things He had spoken to them through us! We invited them to our Monday night worship and promised to keep in touch. We all felt that God is leading us to work together in the future. 

    That is who our God is. He is so amazing. Every time He has led us out to the marketplace to find the treasures, He has always given us powerful supernatural encounters with people. Many people have received healing and the Holy Spirit has touched even more people supernaturally. We can only do what we see Jesus do. He is commissioning us to go out, and that’s exactly what we have been doing. But we would not be able to do it time and time again if we did not have our Father’s love in our hearts. We know that our Father loves us. He is giving us everything we need. He prepares the people in the marketplace, and He also prepares us. All we need to do is say our “yes” to Him. That’s what we have been doing, and we’re encouraging everyone else to do the same.