Amor do Pai (Father’s Love)

    Recife is one the biggest centers of sexual traffic in Brazil. Our Ministry’s goal is to drastically change that reality. We believe we will see Recife free from prostitution in our life time. For that our Father’s love ministry, acts in three different ways that complement each other to actively fight that evil. Learn More


    Project i35

    Gustavo and Karla Zanotta were called by God to the Sertão region in the Northeast of Brazil few years ago. Although at first they did not know where they would end up, they finally ended up in dry place that had long been suffering from droughts. Put of this i35 was born. The purpose Project i35 is to assist in creating sustainable communities; equipping them professionally and technically so that life flows again in the Sertão. Learn More


    Vila Betânia (Bethany Village)

    The goal of Bethany Village, is to house girls from 0 to 17 years old that are at risk and social vulnerability in the city of Jaboatão dos Guararapes. We are a Christian institution and a ministry under Shores of grace Ministries, guided by the Brazilian Statute of Children and Adolescents. We work with the local government to make sure everything is done through the legal system, and we’re focused on family reintegration as a core value. Learn More


    Igreja nas Ruas (Street Church)

    One night at our street church we laid out a ‘red carpet’ and explained to the people that the red carpet in Hollywood is for honored guests and special people. We told them that they are our honored guests and the special ones and that Jesus had rolled out the carpet for them. Our team lined up on either side, and one-by-one we hugged them and told them how the Father sees them. About seventy people walked down the red carpet—children in prostitution and abuse, murderers, transvestites, and homeless addicts. Learn More


    Comunidades (Communities)

    With a heart for meeting the broken where they are in order to bring them to the Most high, our Communities ministry goal is to see the spirit of poverty gone from every Favela (slum) where the true gospel has reached. To reach out to those communities, relationship has to be built from scratch. That is what we have been doing for some time now. Our approach is different from many other churches that simply bring them items they may need. We come as friends every week and visit them in their homes for prayer and quality time with no strings attached. Learn More