Amor do Pai (Father’s Love)

    In Brazil, prostitution is legal. While child prostitution and trafficking is not, they are both very real struggles that we see on a daily basis. One of the dreams of our ministry is to see the end of prostitution in Brazil in our lifetime. Our Father’s Love ministry focuses on reaching these precious sons and daughters of God. Learn More


    Project i35

    i35 is focused on community development and church planting. Many people living in these poor regions are looking for an opportunity to migrate to large cities in search of a better life. The i35 Project’s plan is to help create stable communities through equipping people professionally and practically so that life can again flow through the SertãoLearn More


    Vila Betânia (Bethany Village)

    Bethany Villa is home to girls ages 0 to 18 years old who have been rescued from situations such as abuse and abandonment. The house is a place of safety and recovery, where our trained staff consistently care for girls in an environment of love and encouragementLearn More


    Igreja nas Ruas (Street Church)

    In Brazil, 18% of children live homeless on the streets. Some girls as young as eight are already in prostitution, others live in constant danger of rape and abuse. Many homeless boys of the same age have already killed people on the streets for credibility. To reach the people on the streets, we go to parks and alleys where there are groups of homeless children and adults, most of them drug addicted, and we have church together. Learn More


    Comunidades (Communities)

    With a heart for meeting the broken where they are in order to bring them to the Most High, our Communities ministry goal is to see the spirit of poverty gone from every Favela (slum) where the true gospel has reachedLearn More