Bethany Villa is home to girls ages 0 to18 years-old who have been rescued from situations such as abuse and abandonment. The house is a place of safety and recovery where our trained staff consistently care for girls in an environment of love and encouragement. We have a staff of professionals including psychologists, social workers and caretakers who ensure that the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each girl are met. Our staff works jointly with the local children’s court and caseworkers to determine if there is a possibility of reintegration into the biological family. This is our hope for each girl who comes to Bethany: that her family can be restored and that she can be safely reunited.

    In the cases where reintegration is not possible, we work with the local children’s court to search for other options, including adoption. Whether a girl is with us for just a short time or for a long time, our desire is that she receives love and care with professional excellence. We strongly believe in the combination of spiritual development and excellence in psychology, therapy, and education. As these girls encounter the love of the Father at Bethany, they will also have an entire team of professionals supporting them and working to restore and protect their rights and future.



    How Can You Help?

    The biggest needs for Bethany Villa are prayer, people, and funds. Please pray for our girls, their families, and our staff. We are fighting for the purity and innocence of children and need passionate and dedicated prayer support. If you have a background in childcare, psychology, or a related field, and are interested in serving at Bethany Villa, please let us know!

    In all that we do, we trust in the Father’s goodness to provide. Because of that, we have taken radical steps of faith to open and operate Bethany Villa. We know that one of the ways that God provides is through His people. Brazil is a country with a very high cost of living, and as such, a very high cost of ministry. We need people who will stand with us for justice and restoration. If God puts it on your heart to invest in the lives of these precious girls, please click here.

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