Brazil is among the top countries known for prostitution and sexual trafficking, and Recife is one of the most known cities for sexual tourism in the world. In Brazil, prostitution is legal, and while child prostitution and trafficking is not, they are both very real struggles that we see on a daily basis. One of the dreams of our ministry is to see the end of prostitution in Brazil in our lifetime. Our Father’s Love ministry focuses on reaching these precious sons and daughters of God. They do this through several different ways. First, we go weekly to the streets and meet these women in the prostitution district. We pray for them, tell them how much the Father loves them, and tell them how He has a hope and a future for them.


    These consistent outings are important to develop relationships and trust with these women. We also host a monthly Father’s Love Banquet where we invite all of these women to a special dinner with Father God. Throughout the night, the Father lavishes His love on His daughters through worship, presents, testimonies and His Word. We always end the night with a time of personal ministry, and the women are always hungry to receive prayer and a touch from God. Through these banquets, we have seen many women make the decision to leave prostitution and pursue the better life that God has for them.


    For those women who so choose to leave prostitution, we also have a discipleship and mentorship program which includes weekly bible study, career counseling, financial management, and skill development.

    If you or your church is interested in sponsoring a Father’s Love Banquet,  the approximate cost is USD $1,000. If you want to contribute in another way, please do not hesitate to contact us through the form below!