In 2013 Gustavo Zanotta and Nic Billman took a trip into the Sertão to visit a place that they had heard about. In that region it had not rained in over two years. While driving along the road they picked up a man that was needing a ride and he began to tell them about his village, about how his people were hungry and constantly sick from drinking contaminated water and that their livestock was dying. So they went with this man to his village and visited with the people there. Shortly after they drilled a well to the village and they have been working with those people and the surrounded villages ever since. In 2015 we opened a Shores of Grace base in that region establishing the i35 ministry.

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    i35 is founded on community development and church planting. Many of the people living in this poor region look for opportunities to migrate to the big cities in search of a better life. The plan of Project I35 is to assist in creating sustainable communities; equipping them professionally and technically for life to flow again in the Sertão. In the Sertão there are over 10 thousand small villages that are not effectively been reached with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to live out the Great Commission in the Sertão of Brazil.


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