“One night at our street church we laid out a ‘red carpet’ and explained to the people that the red carpet in Hollywood is for honored guests and special people. We told them that they are our honored guests and the special ones and that Jesus had rolled out the carpet for them. Our team lined up on either side, and one-by-one we hugged them and told them how the Father sees them. About seventy people walked down the red carpet—children in prostitution and abuse, murderers, transvestites, and homeless addicts. Even a few businessmen got in line and received a word from Papa God.”

    -Nic Billman

    IGREJA-NAS-RUASAlthough we have rescue homes and we are rescuing children, there are still thousands of them out on the streets. In Brazil, 18% of the children live homeless on the streets. Some girls as young as eight are already in prostitution, while others live in constant danger of rape and abuse. Many street boys of the same age have already killed people on the streets for credibility. But in the arms of Jesus, there are no prostitutes and murders, only sons and daughters. To reach the people on the streets, we go to parks and alleys where there are groups of homeless children and adults – most of them drug addicted – and we have church together. We usually start by praying for the sick, and when someone is healed we announce, “Jesus just healed this person! Who else needs healing?” We take paper, crayons, and other arts and crafts to do together, usually sharing a story about Jesus as we draw and create. We have a time of worship, and we pray for each one there. We share communion and tell them of the price that Jesus paid for them. We have a time of “offering” where we ask them to draw a picture to give to another person that night, or to give their sandwich or food to another. This teaches a people – who are told they have nothing to give – that they can give and bless another. It is usually messy, sometimes chaotic, and always beautiful! God always shows up. The weekly street churches are street events, right in the open, in the places of violence and darkness. Most people would not usually go there to find Jesus, but these are the locations where Jesus is walking on the earth again and bringing His light to shine bright enough to cause all darkness to flee.


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