A few days ago we were in the house of Mrs. Rosangela, one of the ladies of the communities where we work. We are always well greeted when we arrived at his house, but this week in particular was a different week for me. We arrived and sat in his single room and shared a little about how we were feeling and how was our weeks, and when her turn came, she shared with us what had happened a few days ago.

    The son of her neighbor had suffered an accident. She told us that when he got home the child was covered with ants, and because of the stinging ants boy’s skin began to swell. Unable to take him to the hospital Dona Rosangela reminded of an ointment whatever she had at home, she took and passed the son of the body of her neighbor, and as she passed the ointment spoke to the child’s mother, “Pray as Uncle Luke said, because only prayer is talking to God. ” And esquanto she prayed for the boy, the swelling was just disappearing little by her and the boy’s mother (her neighbor) started shouting at each other, “You see, it is getting better, the swelling is going through. Glory God! It is being healed. ”
    She told us so faithfully on what she had seen happen with so much joy and gratitude for what God had done that day. As I had so much passion your experience with God via some of our staff in tears to hear how God was using a great lady of a single community. After praying for the boy and see the total cure he received, she said she looked up and said, “Lord, and is not that the Lord was this time around to my side and I did not know, thank you my Jesus! Thank you for the healing of this boy “

    It was encouraging to hear what God has done in the life of Mrs. Rosangela, and good we can be part of it, and we are encouraged by this great woman of faith.