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    Nic and Rachael Billman have been writing songs together since they were 13 years old. Their music is new and unique, and they often hear, “I don’t know who to compare you to.”

    All of their songs come from spontaneous moments in worship, and many of them come from their times alone with the Lord. They grew up listening to a variety of music including worship artists like Jason Upton, David Ruis, and Kevin Prosch, 90’s alternative rock like Live and Pearl Jam, and singer/songwriters like Dylan, Cash, and Nelson.

    Their passion is to hear and release the song that the Father sings over the children and then help the children sing back to the Father. They have led worship all over the world, and whether it’s on sidewalks or in arenas, their heart is the same: worship.

    They have released 11 albums in the U.S. and a new studio album recorded in Brazil and released in the U.S. and Brazil. You can also find them on a joint worship album called Sound of Heaven released in the U.S. and Brazil.

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