We were seated near a small fountain when a woman approached and asked us to pray for her. At the same time, a man came up to us also asking for prayer. But he looked rather anxious, and he wanted us to concentrate on him alone. After we had finished praying for the woman, we turned our attention to him and asked him what had happened. He said he had been in a car accident that resulted in a very bruised hand which hurt a lot. He showed us the wounds and told us that he had intense pain in his wrist all the time. We put our hands on his wrist and began to release healing over him. After a short prayer, we asked him if anything happened. He said he felt as if electricity had passed through his whole body and he felt something powerful coming over him. He said he had never felt this before and until now he had never heard words like this. When we asked how his wrist was, he said there was no more pain. When we asked him to do something he could not do before, he twisted and turned his hand and wrist with out any problems. His wrist was completely healed!

    We told him it was Jesus who had healed him. We asked him if he knew Jesus personally, and he said no. So, we asked him if he would like to receive Jesus into his life. He immediately said yes. What’s funny is he even picked up his cigarettes and lighter and tossed them into the fountain near us. He said he did not want to smoke ever again. His whole appearance changed, and he left there as a new man.