Founders and Directors of Shores of Grace Ministries.

    Nic and Rachael Billman are lovers of God and lovers of people! They fully embrace their journey with the Father and daily surrender their lives over to Him, because He is a good Father! They have been married since September of 2000 and they have four children, Christian, Forrest, Leila and Cássia. In 2010 they moved to Brazil and founded Shores of Grace.They had been in pastoral positions in local churches in Pennsylvania and Texas for nine years before being called to Brazil as missionaries. They have been leading worship together since they were 13 years old and have led worship and ministered all over the world. They have written over 120 songs and have released twelve albums. They love worshipping with their children in their living room just as much as they love leading thousands of people in worship. Both of their fathers are United Methodist pastors and they have spent most of their lives in the United Methodist Church. Before being called to full-time ministry Nic worked in human resources and finance for a Fortune 500 Company in the Philadelphia area for six years and attended Ursinus University and Delaware Valley College majoring in Psychology.

    Nic has also authored a book called “Between the Flowers and the Broken” and has written chapters for two other books compiled by Patricia King “For Their Tears I Died” and “Worship the King”. Their children are actively involved in their ministry and are excited about what God is doing in Brazil! They love to follow their parents around and pray for people and they often ask if they can pray for those who are sick in grocery stores, parks and churches. All four of their kids list Heidi Baker as their hero and their mom and dad as their favorite music!

    Our Call To Brazil

    In October of 2008 I came to Brazil with Randy Clark and a group of students from the Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Pennsylvania. I thought it would just be a nice short-term missions trip and then I would return home to my job as a pastor and worship leader. Little did I know that the trip would change my life! One night we were worshipping at a camp near Brasilia and God began to work in my heart. I laid on the ground of an outdoor pavilion for several hours weeping as God performed surgery on my heart. I didn’t know what he was doing, but a few of my friends had to carry me back to the bus and help me into my room at the hotel. As I was falling asleep I said “God, what are you doing”. The Lord woke me up the next morning and I heard him say “I’ve given you a heart for this nation and clarity of vision”. From that moment on I saw every Brazilian as my son or daughter, my brother or sister, my family. I called Rachael, and she had had a vision during the time that I was on the ground and the Lord told her that we were to move to Brazil. A few nights later I was to preach in a church in Brasilia and as we rode on the bus to the church I looked out the window and saw prostitute after prostitute. As I looked at them I saw them with the face of my own daughter as God gave me his Father Heart for these sons and daughters. Our life has never been the same!

    – Nic Billman

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