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    What are the Shores Schools

    About Shores Schools

    God is looking for a new kind of believers. Believers who are not afraid to live every day reflecting God's love for every human being. This world is waiting for answers, but answers that are alive and real examples of the glory of God. Shores Schools were born to prepare the next generation of revivalists who will be a part of the transformation of Brazil and the whole world.

    Our schools have three basic foundations. It starts with our identity. When we know who we are, we can continue with understanding our next foundation: purpose and destiny. The last is practical experience. These foundations represent the sequence of loving God, loving others, and changing the world.

    Our schools will host speakers from around the world to teach us about Father's heart in a new way. You will also have the opportunity to meet others in the Kingdom family from other cities and countries of the world.

    Come and join one of our schools. Become a part of what God is doing in Recife and Brazil! Each school has a different purpose, but our ultimate goal is to expand the kingdom of heaven here on Earth.

    Carlos Cardona, Director of Shores Schools

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    Our Objectives

    Our Objectives

    To TRAIN a generation that understands the power of their IDENTITY as CHILDREN of God.

    To let God form in us a Christ-like CHARACTER; that is a true Christian character.

    To FOSTER a DISCIPLINE of EXCELLENCE, not only to do what is good but to complete tasks with excellence. To do them in a timely and polished manner, doing everything to exalt the name of God.

    To FULFILL the greatest commandment: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself."

    To teach the value and concept of GIVING as the early Christians did.

    To find and develop the CALLINGS of the Ambassadors: their lives, PURPOSES, and DREAMS to fulfill.

    To ESTABLISH a worshipper mindset, where each action gives love and worship to God.

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    A Experience

    The Experience

    Sept - Nov 2020


    Escola de Davi

    School of David

    July 2020



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