Thanksgiving began as a feast to celebrate the first harvest in this “new world”. When settlers came across the ocean from Europe to North America many died on the voyage. The Native American people who already inhabited the land taught those who survived how to fish and farm. To acknowledge their thankfulness and celebrate their blessings, the settlers and Natives held a giant banquet following the first harvest. The feast, which later became a national holiday, is a time when we gather with our families and loved ones to reflect on the good that took place over the past year.

    On Nov 28th we had a Thanksgiving feast here at Shores of Grace base. Around 160 people from the local community came to eat with us. Although Thanksgiving is not a recognized holiday here in Brazil, it was an opportunity to come together as family and celebrate God’s faithfulness, His provision and the many people that continue to bless our lives. We put aside our daily responsibilities to acknowledge our Father’s goodness even in the middle of our daily struggles, enjoy each other’s company, and share food. As the night progressed there was 80s dancing and soccer. The value of staying grateful, being together, and simply HAVING FUN is immeasurable.


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