Today was my first time at a gay parade and, frankly, I did not really know what to expect. All I knew was that God was going to be there. Before we left the base, we had a prayer time and asked God for words to share with the people we were going to meet on the street, because we decided to play treasure hunt with Daddy.

    I had a very clear vision of a pink butterfly costume and the word for the person with this costume came in English and the translation was: God wants to take away all your pain, He loves you very much! I made a drawing of the vision and wrote the words in English exactly as I had heard them. It was kind of obvious to me that I was going to meet someone with this costume in a gay parade, but I decided to trust the word I was getting from God.

    When we got to the parade, we split into groups. Before we began to look for the treasures, we shared the words we had received with our team. Tamires (also a student in our mission school) shared her vision of an anchor and we started to look for people matching the clues that God had given us. First we did not find the treasures we were looking for so we just began to embrace people, and representing the church, ask for forgiveness for all the times we had shown rejection and not the true love of Jesus. We were able to deeply experience forgiveness and see wounds being healed.

    I was surprised to find almost no one wearing a butterfly costume except a girl who wore a white one. Finally I saw a girl wearing the pink costume I had seen in the vision. As soon as we saw the girl, we headed her way (and yes, my heart was beating faster) …and on our way to the girl, Felipe (a team member) saw that the girl who was beside my treasure was wearing a necklace that had an anchor. We were so excited to see that both our treasures were together.

    I started to talk to the girl wearing the pink butterfly costume and began to explain why I was there. I shared with her that God had shown me her costume and given me a word for her even before I had left home. I told her how precious she was and I just loved her with the love of the Father. To prove to her everything I was talking about, I showed her my drawing and I can’t even describe the reaction she had … I could see her eyes filling with tears and she was getting goose bumps! Everything was flowing beautifully until I realized that she did not know any English and for a while I questioned why God had given me a word in English if the girl did not understand it. But she rushed to tell me: “no problem, he knows English”and motioned a boy to come closer. He read the message and translated it and it was such a blessing to see that the whole word made perfect sense to his life as well. I said: Guys, how cool! Jesus loves you so much that this word is not just for the “pink butterfly girl” but also for the person who can understand English! The boy immediately replied: this word makes a lot of sense to us, even more so because we are a couple. All of the sudden it made perfect sense, how amazing! We prayed with them and then joined the bigger group close to us, our team members were talking about the anchor with the girl who was wearing the necklace.

    Tamires had the clue about the girl but it was Felipe who received the actual word to share with her. He ministered that Jesus was the anchor in her life and that He was the protection and the security she will always have. At the end of the conversation, Felipe handed her a necklace he had recently bought, it was also shaped like an anchor. He put that necklace around her neck, demonstrating Jesus’ presence over her life.

    It was an incredible morning, and we had so many indescribable experiences. Our group was together and found a lot of the treasures together! We had taken steps of faith and were surprised by the Father. He makes all make sense!

    By Nayanna Rebouças, a student of The Experience School.