Stories from Brazil by Sikri Tukiainen (Finland)


    On Wednesday, two of us (Ned & me) went to visit our friends at their new apartments.  First, we went to visit Rosangela, our beautiful friend who has difficulty in learning to read or write. Her dream is to one day be able to read the Bible. We have tried to find her an audio Bible for some time now, but they have been difficult to find. When we visited Sao Paulo we finally got one and gave it to Rosangela. She was extremely happy with this gift.  Ned showed her how to work it and then listening to the Bible we talked with her about life. Since separating from her husband, she has had more problems with her kids so we tried to listen and help her with some things such as how to organize her finances and time . Then we left everything in the hands of our Papa, who gives the best help and has all the wisdom and answers.

    Next, we went to Adriana’s, who was going through a hard time. We were able to pray for her. Holy Spirit came and comforted her. I remembered a thing somebody had said that life is like an EKG (heart monitor) that I have in my tattoo. It comes with ups and downs; if it is a straight line you are dead. I also encouraged her, saying that God is with her in all of the things she goes through and never abandons her. She was very relieved and was chatting with me all week about how God is really helping her!