“For me it was shocking to arrive at the city square where we do “Street Church” and see the reality of those people. Children sniffing “shoe glue” and people who once had a career had lost everything because of drugs. Our team was walking around looking for people to love, and we had the opportunity to meet a 17-year-old girl who was also sniffing “shoe glue”, we asked if we could pray for her, she said no, that life was okay. We spent some time with her, we talked about love, taught a few words in English… And then she shared about her background, she had lived with her in Spain with her mother but when she was 4 years old her mother passed away, so child protective services brought her back to Brazil to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother doesn’t have resources to take care of her so now she is living on the streets. In the end, she asked us to pray for her family, at the same time a man approached her about purchasing her for sex, she refused it and chose to stay with us. After, she grabbed the guitar and asked to play it, she could also sing. In that moment she was worshiping God with a song that says “Be quiet my soul”. It was special to see God act supernaturally, allowing us to love her, so much so that she refused to go with that man. I was awakened from the reality of a prosperous Church to the place that the Church really needs to be: in the streets, where Jesus is, with the least of these.”