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Nearly 10% of the world’s population, almost 1 billion people, live below the poverty line at $1.90 per day 6% of the Brazilian population live in the slums. That is over 11 million people. It is estimated that 564,000 people live in the slums of Recife. For this reason, Recife is one of the highest sex- trafficked city in all of Brazil. There is a convenience of finding someone in desperation. Worse, about 500,000 children in Brazil either of their own volition or their own guardians are sold to predators who see these children as monetary transactions. 

Our Communities ministry is an outreach ministry that focuses on disrupting the cycles of poverty that lead to prostitution. Poverty exists where the enemy has come in to steal, kill, and destroy. With the promise of the life that Jesus extends, we build relationships with those within the favelas – slums to present this true Gospel message.  As long as poverty is a stronghold in these places, prostitution will always be a temptation to be the “quick way out”. 

We have seen a consistent move of God and revival among the poor. Miracles and healings happen often during our times together with our friends in the slums. However, even if they don’t, we still return weekly to simply have a relationship together as friends and as family and to share the gospel. We also have the opportunity to host weekly discipleship meetings and “play- time” whether it be soccer, games or a visit to the beach with the children.

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