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In Pernambuco, there is a high risk for women and underaged girls to end up prostituting on the highways and the streets of Recife.

The ones that end up prostituting on the street are usually adolescents from impoverished backgrounds trying to seek a way to survive or keep up appearances with their friends.

Once someone starts working on the streets their self-worth and mental health changes drastically due to the violence they face.

It is a heavy burden to face the dangers of prostitution as well as put themselves through the physical and emotional turmoil day after day. Our ministry seeks to find these sons and daughters where they are, in their darkest moments, and give them a hope for a brighter future. Rescue, for Shores of Grace, is just as important as prevention and recovery. Each of our ministries can be seen as a rescue ministry in some form, however, our Father’s Love ministry is solely focused on rescue. 

Red Light Ministry

Weekly, we head out to the red light district to meet these men and women right where they are. Initially, we may only have a chance to get in a few words so we share what we feel the Lord is telling us about them. Often, these words unlock their hearts for a longer conversation. We build relationships with them outside of their work through constant communication and coffee and açai dates.

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