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Our rescue home can only hold up to 20 children. However, there are still thousands of children on the streets. In Brazil, 18% of children are homeless. Some 8-year-old girls are already in prostitution and others are being abused and raped. Many boys of the same age have already killed others in the name of credibility. But we believe that in the arms of Jesus, there are no prostitutes or murderers, only sons and daughters. 

Each week, we go to a public square where many of these kids and their families are gathered. While it may be one of the darkest places, we have seen the Light of the World consistently meet us there. We roll out a red carpet with crafts, drawing materials, face paints, and nail polish waiting for the kids to gather. Since we’ve moved to our most recent location in the heart of Recife, we have focused more of our attention on the families there.

We’ve gotten to know the single mothers who are trying to support their children, the loving grandmothers who can’t wait to share about their lives with our team, and all the children of various ages looking for someone to give them some attention, share a caring smile as they see them, exactly and beautifully as they are – loved ones of Papa God.

Our missionaries spread out among those at the park to spread the love of Jesus in simple life giving and affirming ways: soccer, worship, prayer, words of encouragement, and conversations not led by an agenda are just some of the ways we reach those in attendance. No matter the activity, our heart is for everyone to encounter the Father. We pray for them. We connect and chat with them. We invite them into a space to be who they were created to be. It’s sometimes a mess and usually chaotic, but always beautiful!

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