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If we were the only ones fighting for the end of prostitution, we would never be able to see this done. We need the body of Christ to rise up and take their place as sons and daughters of righteousness in the face of the injustice in the world. In the same way, we need to be able to equip the people leaving prostitution with the right tools so that they can be successful in the world and impact their communities as we know they have been destined to. 

Equipping other people around the world to do the work of Christ, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to go to His beloveds on the street corners, in the squares, in the marketplaces and in the communities has always been a part of the focus of Shores of Grace. The world doesn’t need another Nic and Rachael Billman in Recife doing what we do, but the world needs each Christian to rise up to the call they have upon their lives to reach the people only they can reach by the call of God. 

We train and equip the church to step into their purpose with God through our four schools, three based in Recife, Brazil and one traveling school to meet organizations where they are. We train and equip locals as we serve coffee and Jesus at our Café. For an effective change within a community, we need to include every part of the population. The Café will reach those within the population that our ministries are unable to reach. 

Shores Café

The Shores Café was a God-dream planted in the heart of the founders and directors of Shores of Grace shortly after they made their move to Brazil. Over the next 9 years God brought many people to help, to dream, to build, to develop, and to open.


All that we do in the four cities we are in is not enough to change the world. The Recife Metropolitan area alone has over 3.9 million people. Our Recife base is only able to reach a hundred or so each week. The Church needs to rise up in unity. We want to share all we have experienced and learned with the body of Christ: everything we have, everything we have seen, every victory we have gained, every obstacle we have overcome and even the failures that have taught us. Shores Schools were created to prepare a generation of revivalists who will be a part of transforming Brazil and the rest of the world. 

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