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Following the ways of Jesus, through street evangelism, outreach, discipleship, caring services, and protection in our rescue home, we form relationships founded on the gospel and love. In this, we get to see the restoration of individuals and families through God’s revolutionary love.


Preventing girls and boys from starting in prostitution is an essential part of Shores of Grace. It is our goal to be active at the heart of where all problems begin, which is most of the time at home.


Rescue, for Shores of Grace, is where the ministry began its first work. In a country where prostitution is legal and poverty deeply and widely spread, many women and underaged girls end up in prostitution, as a “job” or for “safety” from the streets. Our ministry seeks to find these sons and daughters where they are, in these dark moments, and give them a hope for a brighter future. Our Ruama ministry (previously known as The Father’s Love) is our rescue outreach. 


Once someone has been rescued from the streets, from households of neglect and abuse, and from cycles of poverty and violence rewriting their story of restoration begins. In Bethany Villa, we get to give these girls the tools, resources, love, care, and the invitation to discover their identity and worth in Christ and be restored to love and life. 


If we were the only ones fighting for the end of prostitution, we would never be able to see this done. Through missions schools held in Recife, schools being taught in churches, ministry and events held at our base and all over the world, we equip the body of Christ to be the answer to the injustices in this world.  

Our Music

Nic and Rachael Billman have been writing songs together since they were 13 years old. Their music is new and unique, and they often hear, “I don’t know who to compare you to.” All of their songs come from spontaneous moments in worship, and many of them come from their times alone with the Lord. They grew up listening to a variety of music including worship artists like Jason Upton, David Ruis, and Kevin Prosch, 90’s alternative rock like Live and Pearl Jam, and singer/songwriters like Dylan, Cash, and Nelson.

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