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Our Founders, Nic & Rachael Billman

Nic and Rachael Billman are lovers of God and lovers of people. They fully embrace their journey with the Father and daily surrender their lives over to Him, because He is a good Father! Their daily prayer is, “Father, teach us to love like you love and to see like you see.” They have been married since September of 2000 and they have four children, Christian, Forrest, Leila and Cássia (who was born in Brazil). Three of their four children are actively involved in the ministry and love the journey that God has chosen for their family. Their oldest son, is married and involved in ministry and starting his new family in the US. 

Through the umbrella of Shores of Grace, Nic and Rachael have founded three non-profit organizations in Brazil and one in the United States. Before moving to Brazil, Nic and Rachael had been in pastoral positions in local churches in Pennsylvania and Texas for nine years. Nic has authored a book called “Between the Flowers and the Broken.” In 2010 they moved to Brazil and founded Shores of Grace and since that time they have continued to keep the first thing first – Loving God with all of who they are and from that overflow loving others well.

Nic and Rachael have been leading worship together since they were 13 years old and have ministered all over the world. They have written over 150 songs and have released twelve albums. They love worshipping with their children in their living room, or on the streets with friends, just as much as they love leading thousands of people in worship.

Nic regularly teaches and preaches in Brazil and around the world while also providing training for missionary bases and leaders of missions organizations.

Both of Nic and Rachael’s fathers are United Methodist pastors and they have spent most of their lives in the United Methodist Church. Before being called to full-time ministry Nic worked in human resources and finance for a Fortune 500 Company in the Philadelphia area for six years. Nic completed a Master’s in Theology in 2022 from United Theological Seminary, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from Regent University. 

Meet our team around the world!

Recife Team

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