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The Shores School of Missions has a goal of training students in cross-cultural missions through practical, hands-on experience and lessons taught by current missionaries and guest speakers. We want you to learn as much as you can to be as prepared as possible before heading out to serve on the missions field! This school will cover theological topics as well as practical ones.


– 7 to 10 day trip in our region led by missionaries from our staff and from another ministry
– Focus on experiencing another culture and ministry, practicing cross-cultural skills learned, and processing with leaders and other students afterwards.

Class topics:
Missionary care
Preventing burnout/self care
Marriage/relationships in the field
Having children/family in the field
Maintaining family/friend relationships
Support raising
Language learning
Culture shock
Studying your host culture (history, culture, language, etc)
Living in community
Losing independence
Conflict resolution
Problem solving/critical thinking
Teamwork/community building
Discipleship/relationship with those we serve
Those we leave behind
Shores of Grace Ministries Core Values

From June 1st to July 31st, we will be hosting up to 15 students (from anywhere around the world!) to learn about the practical side of cross-cultural missions with our missionaries and staff.

Who can attend: Anyone with an interest in cross-cultural missions who speaks English, ages 16 and up (with parental consent for those under 18).

What tuition includes: Housing, 3 meals/day, local outreaches, 3 classes a week (on average), a 7-10 day practicum in the region, participation in ministry activities such as staff discipleship and worship nights

Application fee (non-refundable, goes towards cost of tuition upon acceptance):
Brazilians – R$100
Everyone else – $100USD

For Brazilians – early bird special (until March 31) – R$ 3.500 OR regular price (from April 1 until May 15) – R$ 4.000
For the rest of the world – early bird special (until March 31) – $2,500USD OR regular price (from April 1 until May 15) – $3,000USD

Questions? Email us at

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