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Prevention is a vital component of ending human trafficking in Brazil and around the world. At Shores of Grace we create opportunities to encounter and build relationships with the most vulnerable and at risk children and youth in our city. Unstable home lives are a high risk factor and in our prevention ministries we want to see families strengthened, children and youth protected, and for Jesus come in power to meet their needs. 

With this motivation always in our heart, we reach the families, children, and youth in the communities and those living on the streets to share with them the great love God has for them . By showing them how God sees them, we can help them view themselves as sons and daughters of God to be empowered by how the Lord sees them and discover His plans for them that are far better than selling their bodies in prostitution.  Many of our ministries also work in prevention but our two ministries that focus on prevention are Communities and Street Church. 

Whether we have a few minutes, such as at Street Church or we have weeks or years of relationship in Communities, we believe that Jesus is seen in and through us and that they come to know their worth. Through the encounters and the love of God and how the Lord works in them we have seen Him steer many of them toward their God-given destiny and dreams for a future that is full of hope and love replacing the despair they see and experience all around them. Through them, communities and families are transformed, establishing new ecosystems of grace that are founded on the Kingdom of God and His great love. 

One person, transformed through the love of God can be the catalyst to end violence, poverty, and human trafficking in their communities and around the world. 


Our Communities ministry is all about breaking the cycles of poverty that lead to prostitution. We build relationships with those within the favelas, slums, and present the true Gospel message through our love, words, time, effort and resources. As long as poverty is a stronghold in these places, prostitution will always be a temptation to be the “quick way out”. 

Street Church

Our rescue home can only hold up to 20 children. However, there are still thousands of children on the streets. In Brazil, 18% of children are homeless. Some 8-year-old girls are already in prostitution and others are being abused and raped. Many boys of the same age have already killed others in the name of credibility. But we believe that in the arms of Jesus, there are no prostitutes or murderers, only sons and daughters. Each week, we go to a public square where many of these kids and their families are gathered. While it may be one of the darkest places, we have seen the Light of the World consistently meet us there.

CICAF – Legal Defense and Social Assistance Center

CICAF – Our legal defense and social assistance center – was born from our unique perspective of missions by looking at the various violations of the rights of children and adolescents in at-risk situations. Exploitation, sexual abuse, illegal adoptions, abandonment, and international trafficking of people and organs (especially disappearances) make up the scenario where our children and teenagers are living. families are gathered. While it may be one of the darkest places, we have seen the Light of the World consistently meet us there.

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