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Our Mission & Values

Shores of Grace exists because we want to see revival among the poor and reformation in the areas of prevention, intervention and restoration of individuals and families through the revolutionary love of God expressed in fellowship, discipleship, education, shelter care, adoption, and cultural transformation.

Our Statement of Faith

Shores of Grace Ministries is an evangelical Christian ministry.We seek to uphold and proclaim the historic and apostolic witness to the core beliefs of Christian teaching

Our History

Shores of Grace started as Invade ministries in 2008 with Nic and Rachael Billman. They had one goal, to invade the streets with the love of God. In 2009, Nic attended the Global School of Supernatural Ministries. During the school, he joined Randy Clark on a mission trip to Brazil. On this trip, the Lord showed him a vision of his daughter, Leila, on the face of each of the women who were prostituting themselves on the streets and asked him a simple question, “who will rescue my daughters?” Nic was broken by what the Lord had showed shown him.

Our Team

While our main base is in Recife, Brazil, we have locations in Fortaleza, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and soon Cali, Columbia. Each base is unique to their location and culture, but all of them share the same Shores of Grace heart.

Our Locations

View a map and list of our locations around the world.

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