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Art at Bethany Villa

During the transitional months between first and second year of theBethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), I had the opportunity to spend time with our Bethany Vila’s princesses.

During that time, I taught a little about what I learned in my first year at BSSM dealing with art and art therapy.
The most shocking part for me was to see how much the girls love art, already have a skill for art, and most importantly their creativity. It was through these moments I got hear their stories and their dreams.

One of the girls who is very talented said her dream was to be able to draw and paint. She shared with me that every time she asked her mother to buy drawing materials, she never did. Her mother claimed there was no money, but she was able to buy things for her partners. Some of the other girls never had experience with art, much less with Jesus. Often during the class, I would put on worship music, and they would begin to sing and healing broke out. One of the girls painted a swan and a toucan intertwined with a tear in the middle of them. She explained that even with the disagreements between people, Jesus always restores relationships which is represented by the tear. This coming from a girl who came from an abusive home with no hope in relationships. The most beautiful part is when I asked her how she came up with that conclusion, she simply said she heard this from Jesus.

Bethany Vila is a place of transformation. One of the most beautiful things I heard was during a visit with my family. It had been more than a year and a half since I have seen my family. But it is when we return to the seeds, we sow that we see what has flourished as long as the seeds were planted in a correct way of love. It was when I returned from my visit that I heard something flourished. One of the staff told me that one day the house was so silent that the caretakers began to look for the girls and found them in the art room. The girls were painting, praising God and in perfect harmony with the Father. This happened for several days. This was two girls with the most complex cases of abuse.

Through the art, they could receive Jesus, a touch of the Father’s love, produce the fruits of the Spirit, and have fun. I want to thank the “Pursue Missions Team” for donating arts materials for the girls atBethany Vila for this period. God is creative. He created and formed the world through his creativity and then with the power of the Gospel. We carry the hope of glory, and he uses all areas to bring the Kingdom to earth, including the arts.

By Elaine Arruda

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