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Stories from the Streets: From Elaine

Every Thursday, we go to street church. I want to tell you about one encounter that was very special to me.

There was a 9-year-old girl near the guitar, singing songs with us. She asked for an opportunity to sing her own song.

One of our students was playing the guitar; he didn’t know what she was singing, but he followed the rhythm of her voice. The most incredible of all is that even with a language barrier God’s love manifests and surprises us when we are seeking Him.

She sang about nature and how we can take care of the planet, because the Father created it and it is our responsibility to take care of the planet.

I could not follow the song because I did not know the words. She smiled and said “I just created”.

We explained that when we “create” a song, in fact we are  composing and we need to record it.

At that moment we began to record the spontaneous song that came from her heart. It was so powerful what she sang that God told me “this is the song that streets are can” It struck me deeply, for it brought to me the simplicity that people seek after God.

This was the song:

“I want You come to my life,

I want you come now,

You are the Lord in my life.

I want, I want you in me

My God, My Father

I want you in my life,

I want you in my house,

I want you in my family,

In all of us

My God, my Father.

Street Church

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