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Hadassah House

Hadassah House is a transition home for girls who are aging out of the system and can no longer stay at Bethany Villa. Under Brazilian legislation, when a girl turns 18-years-old, she may no longer stay in a rescue home. The same law applies to our Bethany Villa. Many of our girls do not have families to return to or even a place to go. Our heart for these girls is that they would have a chance to continue their studies, work, dream, and dive even deeper into the love of the Father. These girls are led under the supervision of a staff member who lives with them and life coaches and mentors who help them in various aspects of their lives. Our prayer is that each of the girls can take steps of hope and faith toward their destiny. At the end of our time with us, our goal is that girls will have completed their high school education, have a job, and be able to financially sustain their livelihood as well as thrive in their social communities.

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