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Blessings Go with You

After six years serving Shores of Grace here in Recife Luke, Alisan and their kids are moving back to Philadelphia next week to start a new Shores mission there.

I can’t tell you the joy and privilege it’s been to have family here with us these last six years. Their impact on our family, staff, visitors and the families in the surrounding slums has been profound and will echo throughout eternity.

Although we are sad to see them go, we are very excited for all that God has planned for their family and for Shores in Philadelphia. Through their time in Brazil, Luke and Alisan have been battle tested, strengthened and matured in their faith, their journey and their vision. All of their experiences here have prepared them for this new adventure and mission! Please join us in praying for their family and also pray for our Shores family here during this transition. God has beautiful and wonderful things in store!

By Nic Billman, President of Shores of Grace

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